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25th of September Apu moved the bedroom downstairs. Twenty years of dust on the furniture. 15th of February Its a mess. They really want to confuse us with this non-stop double Dutch. 3rd of June Arion slept until noon. Momó ate all the biscuits, Emma layed on the blanket and watched the grass. Momó kicked up my cherry basket.
28th of December Momo has quinsy and fever, Emma has the same but milder. 2nd of January The red embroidered tablecloth became pink in washing. I'm so nervous. 13th of September In my dream my baby was born. It was a good dream. 30th of November My doctor is abroad. I should not give birth today... We went in at 7, at 11 our beautiful son arrived. 14th of March Zsuzsa called Apu just to say that she doesn't want to see him anymore. He works on the beetle. 13th of July I did the watering while Arion did the bathing. When they were finished I jumped in the bathtub. 11th of December Baby is impossible. I lost control. 29th of June I sit still, there is moving inside my belly, and a stinging sensation. 4th of June I tried to set some fire, but it didn't want to burn.
22th of November Arion took some things for Emese, he came home at 9, at 10 they called that she died.
19th of October Momo started to be afraid of the painting above his bed. 27th of June Suddenly the rain poured down. I ran up wih Emma on the muddy road, we slipped. The car was soaked. 11th of February Karaoke party. I had to go alone, driving in a Janis Joplin costume. So I was singing sober. 23rd of February Arion meets a girl named Virág.
8th of July By lunchtime Apu was so tipsy, I didn't want to ask any help. 22nd of July The little guesthouse was full of hornets, mosquitos and the heat. The boys slept in the car, we moved into the house to the couch. 31st of December They fired four of them in the garden. These rockets are unsafe, because they change direction. 8th of October Today we picked pear, chestnut and plum. He took my picture with the help of Szilvi.
22nd of May Emese wants to abort the sale of the land. The transaction was today. It took 4 hours, and the bank closed.
5th of February Arion had to go to his mum. She quarreled with the neighbour, and the window got broken in somehow... I'm not 100% either.
29th of March Eni rented an apartment. They told Marci that they have to move away so Jozsi can work on the house. 25th of September Arion borrowed the Granada and he had an accident with another american car. The radiator and the bumper broke off. 26th of April I was in a hurry and I bumped into another car. Apu wasn't angry. 19th of March Momo had high fever all night. My test was positive in the moring. I could not prepare for Easter.
29th of February Roxi gave birth to her little puppies. (My pregnancy test is positive) 27th of October Apu poured concrete in the missing places, days go by and we do so little.
1st of December Mom is 59. I don't get along with my roommate, she makes me nervous. I don't give the baby to the nurse, I can't sleep. Bad mood.
21st of September There were too many people at the pool. I told Apu not to suffocate me with his love. Since then we just say hello. My nerves are not designed to bear living with my parents. 20th of August It was 7 when we arrived to Szilvi to watch the fireworks. They said you can see it, but it was far and there was a tree blocking our view. Otherwise there were hurricane force winds, 4 people died. We watched it on tv. 22nd of March He complained about the two of us being the least important.
8th of January Iván woke me up. He wants us to go and collect rose hip. 3rd of October Arion won a dinner for two on the 'nailing competition'. 28th of January Apu smashed the bathroom, I did the pantry. aft. to the movies. 14th of September After work we put grandpa's TV in the room of Momo, it broke completely during Fabry Show. 5th of March I fell so many times yesterday, that I try to stay on my feet just to avoid the pain.
12th of August No hot water. At eleven I spontaneously started to cry, I was exhausted. Momo was sleeping in the bedroom.
28th of May Anna bit Momo a couple times while playing. He is now afraid of her. Mom said I'm neurotic and I should calm down. 26th of February We forgot to set the clock. Running from one place to the other all day.
28th of August Everything was closed on the beach, but the weather was Ok. Arion splashed.
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