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Middle, 2005-2011

Faur Zsófi Edition, 2012
Limited edition of 100 signed copies

68 pages, 30 color images plus 14 stickers
softcover (linen or leather bound)

Waste Union is self-published in this entirely handmade limited edition of 50 copies. Actually each copy has a unique sequencing and contains one or two images that are different from all other copies, which turns out to be a great advantage of handmade books.
The spreads were printed by me on surface protected inkjet paper and the design of the edition was done by the Book Workshop of Tamás Ádám, a very kind person and professional bookbinder based in Budapest.

Size: 33,5 x 20 x 4 cm (images are 33,5 x 40 cm)
Weight: 1,8 kg

500 Euro + postage
Please calculate 2 to 4 weeks for production and delivery! Note that we accept orders for this edition only by email: arion.kudasz at
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74 Euro + postage
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Bonsai Land

Blurb, 2011
72 pages, 46 color images / 72 oldal, 46 színes kép

hard cover / kemény kötés

Lucky News is a fundraiser. I decided to give away my complete, 200 piece collection of lucky four-leaf clovers.

In the package You will receive one of the all different signed and numbered inkjet-prints (21x30cm) and the corresponding original four-leaf clover packed in newspaper, plus a bit of luck for only an irresistible amount of

20 Euro (26$) + postage.
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30 Euro + postage
The clovers are the heritage from my mother who could not possibly look at an inch of grass without finding a handful of four-leaf clovers.
What do you do when you have loads of lucky clovers in your wallet, pockets, diaries and calendars? Throw them away or keep them?
My mother carefully pressed them between pieces torn from the daily newspaper and put them in a box, and then in another box, and another one. Of course, even a flood of four-leaf clovers could not improve her life. Only the uneven distribution of goods occurred in a less monetary form (clovers), now by giving them away as part of this special edition I try to compensate.

Keep in mind that each set of photographs and clovers will be different! If you wish to get a preview of the exact item before buying write me an email: arion.kudasz at

European Eyes on Japan / Japan Today vol.12
Silva Bingaz, Andreas Gefeller, Gábor Arion Kudász

Published by EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee, 2010
4 soft cover booklets in slip case, 62 images / 4 füzet karton tokban, 62 kép

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34,95 Euro + postage
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Blurb, 2010
80 pages, 38 color images / 80 oldal, 38 színes kép

hard cover / kemény kötés
ISBN 978-963-06-9766-8

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Contemporary Photography From Hungary, No. 6 / Mai Magyar Fotómüvészet, No. 6
Monography / Monográfia

Faur Zsófi Galéria
Budapest, 2010
98 pages , 71 color images / 98 oldal, 71 színes kép
soft cover / puha kötés
ISSN 2060-0119

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Camp / Tábor
Artist book

Holnap Kiadó
Budapest, 2007
88 pages, 43 color images / 88 oldal, 43 színes kép

hard cover, 500 copies / kemény kötés, 500 példány
ISBN 978-963-346-731-2

All photographs © Kudász Gábor Arion