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The clovers are the heritage from my mother. She could not possibly look at an inch of grass without finding a handful of four-leaf clovers. For years she carefully pressed them in passports, books, envelopes. We had clovers everywhere. Until one day, I suppose she had enough and gathered them all together and stored them away pressed between pieces torn from the daily newspaper that she put in a box, and then in another box, and another one. Of course, even the flood of four-leaf clovers could not save her life.

On the days following her death I begun to categorize, document and photograph all her belongings, garderobe, writings, collections in the possible most objective manner. My goal was to construct a scheme or mechanism of capturing memory. My aim was not solely to chase the memory of my mother, but rather to come up with a general method of stabilization. Concurring with previous expectations, my fumbling around her living space disrupted the order she surrounded herself with. As a result of the excavation I discovered new or hidden facets of her personality and unexpected correlations between objects, but it still remains obscure whether the entirety of connections existed before or were only the result of my intervention. One could argue that there is no use of making an inventory if it implies the network between items to break up. Now, it seems that her memory would have been better and longer preserved — although hidden — if I left everything intact instead.

I made this part of Memory Guidebook a
special edition to compensate the uneven distribution of goods: Lucky News.

Fresh air in Buenos Aires / 2011

S. K.

Survival pack / 2011

S. R.

Purple saffron / 2011

P. J.

John Paul II. / 2011

V. I.

Theme of the day "Record together" / 2011

M. M.

Japan buys thirty Boeings / 2011

A. G.

10 million extra discount / 2011

J. M. C.

Planted trees on Earth-day / 2011

N. B. + H. K.


Lucky News is the third volume of Memory Guidebook.
Volumes V-VII. are coming soon...
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